Facts About Israel

Israel is the land of milk and honey, where there are over 1 thousand altruistic kidney donations per capita. The oldest tree in this beautiful country can be found on Ein Hatzeva road towards its southernmost point- which many people do not know about because they have never had reason enough to visit that area before now! Scientists from Israel managed grow fresh dates 600 years old after planting seeds dug up at Masada or Qumran; these ancient resources may not seem like much but it was an incredible feat none-the less for science students who proved once again how determinedly innovative their countrymen really were during times gone by…

 Israelis also enjoy sending letters addressed “to God” through airport customs–letters most likely written with genuine Christian

The 1 million notes left in the Western Wall every year is a sign of Jewish resilience and pride.

The old wooden ladder at Church Holy Sepulchre has been propped up against its window since 18th century with no one able to move it because churches manage differently, so all claimants have agreed on some sort-of ownership for this piece but still cannot agree who owns what parts!

Israel is the only country in which you can find a people who have come back from the dead. The Israeli government has made effort to revive Hebrew, and now it’s considered their official language! In fact-

the hottest temperature ever recorded in Israel was 54 degrees Celsius (129 Fahrenheit) at Kibbutz Tirat Zvi during World War II when so many Jews were being killed by Nazis for not speaking German or English properly as they tried desperately hard surviving day after day under Nazi rule until eventually starvation took its toll on those living there without enough food source other than what could be grown locally).

The land that is home to Israel has a special connection with snow. While it may not be common, there are times when snows fall in various regions across the country and this makes for some cool photo opportunities! In 1950 Tel Aviv experienced its very first ever white Christmas as 12-18 cm fell throughout town during the eventful winter day which thrilled residents who had never seen anything like this before or since at least until now…

A lot more can be said about how much of our lives revolve around water on earth than what you might think because freshwater takes up 75% percent while only 25%” goes towards saltwater types such as beaches etcetera.

Israel is a global leader in medical clowning, and was the first country to send its Clowns into Covid-19 wards.

In 2007 Israeli businesswoman Shari Arison initiated Good Deeds Day – an annual event where people from all over come together for one day (or more) of service activity as part of their work commitments or personal lives . This year 3 million took part across 108 countries around the world!

Imagine a country that has 137 beaches. All of them beautiful and lined with snow-capped mountains at one end, or the other! That’s what you have in Israel – so many options to choose from when looking for your next adventure on land or sea…

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