Factors to consider when purchasing a circular saw machine in Kenya

Circular saw machines are tools that use a rotary motion to spin and cut materials. They have been in the market for quite some time now and many workers go for them to use in cutting wood, plastic, metal, and masonry. However, it is essential to consider some factors when purchasing a circular saw.

The growth and expansion of technology have made work easier and faster. To be specific, the invention of circular saw machines has helped not only many workers but industries as well. One can tell that most home appliances are either made of plastic, metal, or wood. Therefore, this great invention is of great importance to everyone. Let us look at the factors you should consider when buying the machine.


You should choose your model according to shape, size, cutting degree, and cutting material. Let us discuss in detail each of the aspects.

Shape: If for instance, you are making different shapes such as square tubes, bars, round tubes, or special shapes, the thickness and diameter of the materials that have been processed are different hence the machine power needed would be different.

Material: When cutting ferrous metals like galvanized pipes, carbon steel pipes, iron pipes, and stainless steel pipes among others, you can just use an ordinary pipe machine for cutting. But if you are cutting non-ferrous metals like copper or aluminum, you require a special copper or aluminum cutting machine.

Cutting degree: Note that this is a very significant factor because when cutting a material using the same circular saw, the ability to cut at 45 degrees and 90 degrees will not be the same. This comes as a result of when cutting at 45 degrees, the cross-section of the pipe is bigger and the cutting ability automatically decreases.

Quality and accuracy requirements for cutting

For those who have small volumes and don’t have special accuracy requirements for cutting, then you can choose a low-power semi-automatic pipe or a manual cutting machine for relatively small iron pipes. On the other hand, if you have a high cutting precision, the size of the material and output is large, then consider a high-power cutting machine or an automatic cutting machine.


The stability of the metal of the circular saw will influence its lifetime. You should be very keen when using the machine to see if there are any abnormalities of air jittery on the machine. It is important to remember that when purchasing you not only look at the circular saw price in Kenya but think of the lifetime the machine would take you hence choosing a machine of solid steel is the best option.

Saw blade

Another very essential factor to consider is the saw blade. When going for that supplier ask yourself whether that supplier gives high-quality blades. If you have large volumes, you need to consume more blades. Many look at the pipe cutter and forget about the saw blade. A quality saw blade is more durable and saves more on maintenance costs.


It is important to consider the factors stated above very keenly to help make the right choice when purchasing a circular saw machine. This is because you wouldn’t want to buy a machine that will have problems now and then when in use.

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