Experts’ Global- The Apex of MBA Admission Consulting and GMAT Prep

Experts’ Global- Dependable GMAT Prep and MBA Admission Consulting

Since its beginnings in 2008, Experts’ Global has permanently changed the definition of valuable GMAT prep assistance and MBA admission consulting. The sheer quality of its mentorship has made it a global force for chnge, as the firm has assisted students from more than 50 countries.

GMAT Prep Program

The online, on-demand GMAT preparation program at Experts’ Global is the foremost option for any GMAT aspirant looking to revolutionize their study. The depth of prep material in the program is truly exceptional as puts together over 300 concept videos and 4000 practice questions in an easy to parse collection. Students will find the quality of content remains consistently high throughout, a feat achieved by the Experts’ Global adherence to the GMAT feel. The range of tests, questions, and concepts that the prep material encompasses is one that matches the official GMAT prep context and the GMAT’s structure. Even the testing interface for the program replicates the GMAT, and its control layout, color scheme, and screen arrangement are all like the actual test’s. A new element is an on-screen timer to help students track their per-question time. From every angle, the Experts’ Global GMAT prep program is great!

Mock Tests

Experts’ Global has boosted the scoring potential of GMAT aspirants worldwide with their excellent 15-part GMAT mock test series. Each of the series’s tests looks like the GMAT and is comprised of questions that follow the GMAT’s standard. All in all, the test series makes sure that the student is familiar with both the feel and content of the GMAT. Built-in performance analytics take the student’s advantage to the next level, by analyzing their performance over many mocks. Thus, the student can get a concrete report on their time-wasting areas, their strengths and weaknesses in question types, and their overall accuracy.

Live Classroom Program

The live classroom program at Experts’ Global is yet another feather in their much-decorated cap. With weekend classes conducted by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, the company founder, this program provides a select batch of students with high pitched GMAT insight. Members of the program speak highly of Mr. Srivastava’s teaching mettle as a polished 99th percentiler on the GMAT. They also benefited from their complete access to the online GMAT prep materials.

MBA Admission Consultancy

The Experts’ Global outlook on MBA admissions consultancy is only fulfilled when each of its students receives the firm’s trademark personalized mentorship. With a limited annual student intake, the boutique company structure means that each admitted student gets the most involved, bespoke MBA admissions guidance. The “End to End Admission Consultancy” approach that the firm espouses means that each admissions team member is primed to help students along every MBA admissions step. With such a dedicated crew at the helm, Experts’ Global has placed its students in each of the top 150 B-schools around the globe.

ISB Admission Consultancy

Experts’ Global’s expertise with admission processes for schools the world over is undeniable, and yet they are true masters at the Indian School of Business, or ISB. The vast majority of Indian MBA candidates apply to ISB as their number one domestic choice, and so Experts’ Global has cultivated its toolkit to help these candidates. The admissions team at the firm is thoroughly aware of the nitty-gritty of the ISB admissions journey, and has manifested the firm’s unmatched record of winning interview calls for 9 in 10 of its ISB applicants.

Training for Admission Interviews

Experts’ Global’s all-encompassing viewpoint on MBA admissions consultancy is the motivating factor behind their exhaustive interview prep program. As MBA admission interviews are the last barrier to the MBA dream, expert interview training can make all the difference for a candidate. Experts’ Global provides such training through a close interview mentor-mentee relationship. The process begins with a 15-video series on MBA admissions interview fundamentals. After the series has been exhausted, the student fills out a questionnaire of the 30 questions most likely to be asked in an MBA interview. Based on the answers provided, the interview mentor understands the applicant’s weaknesses and designs mock interviews accordingly. Each of these mocks is rounded out by a feedback session.

Many MBA aspirants like yourself have realized their educational ambitions by taking from the GMAT training and MBA admission consultancy at Experts’ Global. The firm is thus a lasting force for good!

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