Everything you need to know about Argyle pink diamonds

Do you fancy pink diamonds? Have you ever thought about investing in one? If so, Argyle might be a good option for you.

Argyle pink diamonds have been around since the 1950s, when a mining company discovered them in Australia. These rare gems are known to be extremely rare and valuable due to their unique hue, colour, and size.

Only three mines in the world produce Argyle diamonds, and these mines are located in Australia. However, the Argyle mine has over 90% of all Argyle pink diamonds produced each year globally, making this mine very important for jewellery manufacturers worldwide who rely on it for their business model.

They have a unique hue and colour, which is extremely rare.

Argyle diamonds are also known as “fancy intense pink.” The presence of nitrogen or boron in a pink Argyle diamond helps produce the unique hue and colour that makes this gem so desirable.

The presence of nitrogen in a pink Argyle diamond helps create its unique colour. A nitrogen atom replaces one carbon atom in the crystal lattice structure of the diamond, making it appear slightly darker than normal light blue-grey diamonds.

The amount of nitrogen present determines how dark (or light) the stone will be when cut into a gemstone shape for jewellery use.”

In contrast with natural birthstones such as ruby or emerald, synthetic birthstones like artificial corundum crystals do not have any special meaning beyond their being made artificially through scientific processes rather than occurring naturally throughout nature’s ecosystems; however, there may still be some value attached simply due to rarity alone since few people will ever get their hands on one!

The fancy colour diamonds were made available for sale after the mining company announced they would close the Argyle mine in 2020.

The closure of the mine resulted from several factors, including declining diamond prices and competition from other mines around the world.

The decision to close the mine was announced by Rio Tinto, which owns a 71% stake in Lomaiviti Mining Company (LMC) and operates at least eight mines on their land. LMC also holds a 60% ownership interest in Australia’s only producing diamond mine: Argyle Diamond Mine, located on an island off Australia’s east coast.

The last known Argyle Diamonds Tender was held in 2017, with 63 stones out of 60 lots being sold at a record price of $32 million.

This marked the first time that the auction had ever exceeded $30 million, and it also set a new benchmark for what could be achieved in this sector.

In general, pink diamonds are sought after because they are rarer than other coloured diamonds. They have an intense colour and shine that can be matched by a few other gems on the market today.


If you are looking for an investment gem that is rare and has a high potential for appreciation, then Argyle pink diamonds should be on your list. There are very few of these diamonds in the world.

The supply of these fancy colour diamonds is limited, which makes them extremely valuable. The last known Argyle Pink Diamond Tender was held in 2017, with 63 stones out of 60 lots being sold at a record price of $32 million. If you want to invest in one of these beautiful gems, now would be the best time before they are all gone!

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