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Does Your Ottoman Need to Match the Other Furniture Items?

Ottomans are functional, cute, and capable of making your space feel complete and cozy. But how can you choose an ottoman if your room is full of other furniture items? There is one common misconception that the ottomans need to match the other furniture items of the room. But this isn’t extremely further from the truth. As long as you remember some great factors regarding the interior design, you will be able to pair ottomans with any furniture you want. Here are some tips to match your ottoman with other furniture items in your house.

Match the Height of the Chair 

The primary objective of using an ottoman is to relax in comfort with your feet popped up. Therefore, you need to match the height of the ottoman with the other chairs in your house. If the height of the ottoman is too low or too high for your sofa or armchair, your legs will be popped in at an uncomfortable and awkward angle. To choose the perfect height, you need to measure the height of the chair from the ground and then choose your ottoman accordingly.

People who suffer from knee problems might choose an ottoman that is a couple of inches shorter than the height of the chair. This helps them bend their knees properly. If this is the same case with you, make sure you test the height of the ottoman using cushions.

Consider the Style 

Unless you’re concerned about the matching pieces, you can easily pair most ottomans and chairs together which will increase the overall aesthetic of your house. However, you need to consider the style of the furniture items. This is because your primary objective is to create a harmonious and cohesive space instead of something that is distracting and mismatched. You need to consider items that come with the same overall design. And if you think that the design of the ottomans is not effective as per the design of your house and furniture items, you need to purchase Ottoman coversThe covers are not only beautiful but also effective at protecting the ottomans properly.

For instance, if you love traditional items, you can pair your ottomans with any other furniture items you want. In this case, you need to purchase ottoman covers that showcase a traditional style. Don’t forget to consider the primary features such as detailing, colors, and shapes.

Pick the Same Scale 

This is one of the best tips to match the ottomans with other furniture items in your house. As per Study, furniture is important in interior design. The size you choose for your ottomans compared to the other existing furniture items of your house will make or break the overall atmosphere of your room. If you have space-saving furniture items in your apartment, the ottomans will undoubtedly match them.

However, if you place an oversized ottoman with a smaller desk or chair, the appearance will seem irrelevant and you will end up affecting the balance of your room. Pairing oversized ottomans with oversized furniture items is the only option left for you.


Now you know why your ottoman needs to match with other furniture items. Make sure you contact us if you need high-quality and washable covers to protect your precious ottomans.

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