Different Types of Banner Materials You Can Consider for Your Bestie’s Birthday

Birthdays are a reason for celebration and a fantastic excuse for demonstrating to your loved ones how much you care for them and appreciate them. Birthdays are vital because they allow everyone to feel special on their special day and enjoy all the attention, adulation, and love showered on them. Birthdays are associated with effervescent joy, positivity, and loads of eye-catching wrapping papers and strips of satin or plastic ribbons. According to Huff Post, for a pretty long time, birthday celebrations with sugary cakes were limited to very affluent since the essential ingredients were regarded as a luxury. However, today no birthday celebration is complete without cutting a birthday cake. In this context, you should know that a birthday party is incomplete without a birthday sign. Some popular choices in banner materials available include:

Vinyl Banners

Unarguably among the most popular banner materials because of their many sterling qualities, vinyl banners are tough, durable, lightweight, and above all, extremely affordable. You can get vinyl banners in all sizes and shapes so that you can hang them, mount them on free-standing structures, or use them as popup banners. If you want to create a splash, you can also think of having a series of brightly-colored feather banners lining the driveway to the venue of the birthday celebrations. If you don’t want a free-standing banner, you can choose an adhesive-backed vinyl banner that you can stick to any smooth surface like a wall or a window. The advantage of these banners is that they don’t flap in the wind, and you don’t been to worry about having to buy poles or bungee cords to hang them. Since vinyl banners are washable, you can reuse them if you clean and store them properly.

Mesh Vinyl Banners

One of the biggest problems of putting up birthday signs on a windy day is that they tend to flap wildly, and even if the material is tough, the banners can tear or work loose and get blown away. One way to counter this is to choose a mesh vinyl banner, that as the name suggests, has lots of perforations that allow the wind to pass through. Another advantage of mesh banners is since the air can find its way to the other side easily; they do not make an irritating flapping noise that can get on to the nerves of the people attending the birthday bash. Mesh banners are more expensive than conventional vinyl banners, but they make a worthwhile buy since they last long and can be reused.

Polyester Banners

Polyester is a popular synthetic fabric because it allows high-quality color printing. Polyester makes for awesome birthday banners ideal for indoor use. You can photo-quality color printing with a dye-sublimation process used by most good banner printers. Polyester banners are scratch-resistant, but you need to handle them carefully as they are prone to ripping, especially when exposed to the elements.


When shopping for a birthday banner for your best friend, you must make sure that you choose the right material. For the final selection, you can consult your supplier or banner printer.

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