Dealing with self-hatred

Feeling frustrated with yourself after not being able to perform well, having a bad hair day, a not-so-great day at the office are some ways we can feel slightly resentful of ourselves.

Having such sporadic episodes of self-hatred are fine, and to some extent, understandable, as they do not stem from the hate for yourself per se but rather, due to the momentary toll of the emotion. These feelings abate when the situation itself gets better.

However, for many people, especially women, self-hatred is not a once in a blue moon thing, but rather, a perpetual state where they are uncomfortable in their skin, are very self-critical, and are extremely negative with regards to their own being.

Not only does this mindset then sabotage their success, but it also leads to serious mental health issues like depression, which then require a visit to the Psychiatrist in Lahore.

Signs of self-hatred

Self-hatred has certain characteristics, differentiating them from the run-of-the-mill bad days. These include:

Compliance: People who hate themselves are very compliant, as they try to gel into the crowd. Their individuality is killed by their hate for their being.

Cynic: Even though they may be kind to others, they have a very cynical outlook for themselves. Their hatred for themself clouds their viewpoint due to which they perceive the world around them with negativity.

Difficulty accepting compliments: Since they are not fond of themselves and use a strong emotion such as hate for themselves own self, naturally, people suffering from self-hatred are flustered by the compliments they receive, as they do not perceive themselves worthy of the compliments.

Indulging in self-pity: People living with self-hatred are into the habit of throwing themselves pity parties, indulging in the blues, and considering themselves unlucky and unworthy.

Low self-esteem: Naturally, self-hatred stems from and, also causes self-esteem issues.

Self-critical: People hating themselves are the hardest on themselves.

Seeking validation from others: Due to the fragile image of one’s own self, people suffering from self-hatred continuously seek validation from others to consider themselves worthy.

Dealing with self-hatred

Recognizing and remedying the triggers

Going down the abyss of self-hatred may be triggered by certain things. In order to mitigate this feeling, it is vital for you to realize why are you feeling so. Journaling, self-reflection, tracing your day can help you identify what exactly caused the spiral of self-hatred.

Once you know the reason, you can work on improving your response. Counseling, uplifting podcasts, good self-help books can then guide you to deal better with the situation.

Curb the negativity

Self-hatred often stems from the cycle of negativity, where you simply cannot measure up. Therefore, it is vital that you curb negativity. Actively think happy thoughts. Try not to sabotage yourself, yourself.

Remember, you attract the energy you keep. So, if you are being extremely negative, naturally, things will go awry as well.

Self-counseling and talk

No one can help you unless you, yourself want to get better. Thus, make sure that you actively channel love for yourself. Write down the things that are nice about you; it is not an act of narcissism, but rather, something to counter the self-hatred.

Moreover, be kinder to yourself. Cut yourself some slack; you are not a superhuman and stop having such expectations from yourself. Be compassionate to yourself, and know, that everyone makes mistakes, everyone fails. These minor obstacles are not going to determine your worth. Over time, you will recognize a change in yourself then.

Seek help

Mental health is not something to make light of. Having poor mental health not only causes impaired physical health but also greatly compromises the quality of life.

Self-hatred stems from mental health problems and further leads to mental health issues. Therefore, rather than taking it all in vain, seek help from your Psychiatrist in Karachi. This website will enlighten people about the existing business and trades.

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