Competency-Based Education Could Be a GameChanger

You don’t need to get very far in life to realize that not all learning happens in the classroom. Yet many careers rely on evidence of a college education in order to show competency in a particular profession. While there is a lot to learn from teachers, mentors and professors of academia, there is also a lot of knowledge gained through work and life experiences.

For busy professionals who want to take the next step in a field they have experience in, the Competency-Based Education (CBE) programs at University of Phoenix can be a game-changer. If you’ve ever thought about going back to earn an advanced degree but were deterred by the commitment, a CBE program just may have the right level of flexibility to help you succeed on your own terms.

University of Phoenix Lets You Show What Life Has Taught You

University of Phoenix’s CBE program options take both work and life experiences into account. These are designed to help students have some flexibility, which means it is possible for many to complete their advanced degree program within a year.

Earning a degree under a competency-based system means students can move through the degree requirements at a speed and time that works best for them. These programs are designed to measure how well a skill is mastered, rather than relying on theory or the ability to recall lectures or test materials.

Not everyone is a good fit for a CBE program, but you may be a good candidate if you are good at learning independently, want to work at your own pace, already work in a professional setting similar to your course of study and have strong organizational and time management skills.

The degree programs offered through CBE are often in high demand, and many companies offer support or incentives for furthering employee education in this way. There’s also the benefit of being able to apply knowledge learned in the courses to an existing job, just as job knowledge can be applied toward a degree. Program offerings include:

  • Master of Business Administration (Competency-Based)
  • Master of Health Administration (Competency-Based)
  • Master of Information Systems (Competency-Based)
  • Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

University of Phoenix can help to reduce the strain of going back to college at a more advanced age by enabling students to complete an advanced degree program in 12 months while staying on track at work.

While studying independently is a perk for many in CBE programs, there are also many resources that students and graduates find helpful as they pursue their education and the next chapter of their career. For example, companies can keep their business plans moving forward by supporting CBE programs that give a dedicated workforce the opportunity to succeed in their current role while planning for future growth and positions.

About University of Phoenix

Since it first began in 1976, University of Phoenix has been focused on helping those who wish to further their education, overcome potential obstacles and move forward with their knowledge and vocation. The University offers online and limited in-person degree programs from the associate to doctoral level. Areas of study include a variety of business disciplines, healthcare, healthcare support, behavioral sciences, technology, education, nursing, criminal justice and more.

Students at University of Phoenix may be eligible for financial aid and student loans. There are also scholarships available to those who qualify. Admission requirements vary by program of study. If you are ready to move forward to the next phase of your career, University of Phoenix can be a great place to expand your opportunities. To learn more, visit

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