Choosing The Best Solar panels for your house – 2021 Guide

in this article below we discuss factors that may influence the prices of solar panels in Kenya. We make it even better by also giving you tips on things you should know before buying a solar panel. As solar panels are expensive it is good for you to buy something that will be worth your money.


What comes to your mind when you think about how much a solar panel should cost? Ever think of how interesting it is that the prices of solar panels vary with the size, power capability, and even the brand name of the solar panel.

Do you know what a solar panel is? This is a device that can attract rays from the sun and convert them to electrical power. It uses sunlight as a source of energy.

Factors Influencing Solar Panel Prices in Kenya

  1. Company name or brand name. The more known a brand is, the more people want to purchase it. Making it to be more costly than other brands. A good example is German panels. this is one of the biggest influences of solar panels prices in Kenya.
  2. If a client is guaranteed a good and long experience to a panel, this will keep them out of the shops for a while. Panels with long durability tend to be more expensive than others.
  3. High voltage rates. These are panels with big watts size meaning they have a bigger ability to convert sun rays to power and retain it.

What to know when buying a solar panel

  1. If the solar panel is efficient. This is its ability to convert sunlight into electricity. The higher the efficiency a panel has the fewer you will need. If you live in a hot area you will only require a few panels
  2. Its voltage rates. Most people today are buying solar panels for home use therefore, they do not need to have panels with very high voltage rates. Most solar panels of this use range between 200 to 350 Watts.
  3. Know your roof type before purchasing a solar panel. Although panels are to be put on a roof, not all houses have roofs compatible with one. Flat roofs are the best to place a panel and are most economical because they provide maximum absorption.
  4. Factor in all the costs that will be associated with you having a panel. Setting up a solar panel calls for your time and money. Apart from buying a panel of your choice and installation, know how many you will need. According to your daily energy needs or the sole purpose of your panels, you may require a number of them.
  5. Be aware of the brands (companies making panels) out there. There are so many brands graded by different aspects. They are categorized as tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3. Tier 1 brands make solar panels out of raw materials. While tier 2 and 3 only manufacture some parts of the panel outsourcing the rest and assembling them as one.

Germany solar panels are considered to be among the best panels in the world. They lay in category 1 of panel ranking. They are also the most bought panels in Kenya over other brands. They also have pocket-friendly prices countrywide. This is one of the things that influence the price of solar panels.


The rate at which people in Kenya are buying solar panels is increasing by the day,whereas, their prices are continuously decreasing. The factors discussed above are not limited to this only.

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