Choose a generator for your house or summer cottage.

How to choose a generator for your home: choose the best equipment parameters

Somewhere in the bright future, each of us will be able to generate the necessary amount of electricity in our homes without burning fuel. Energy from sunlight, wind, heat pumps – all of these will inevitably have a place in our lives. At the same time, for economical and practical reasons, away from power lines, we have to use generators: gasoline, diesel, gas. How do choose a generator for home and summer houses, and which models are in high demand? About this and more in our materials.

What to look for and how to choose?

Obviously, the choice of generator has a personality. Therefore, there are more than a dozen devices of this type. To get a full sense of the information, we aggregated the data for such small power plants in one table.

Main criteria for selecting generators and their characteristics

  • If the power plant can work up to 500 hours per year, it is recommended to choose the high-speed model. If more than 500 hours, it is better to buy a low-speed unit.
  • Most home and summer house models are built this way.

One of the main selection criteria we didn’t include in the table was its power. Everything here is personal, but usually, a 3-5 kW device is enough, but for private homes, if a permanent resident, 10-20 kW is required. To estimate the required power, the load of the equipment that converts electricity to heat and light is added to the load of the equipment equipped with the electric motor. In the latter case, correction is made for the different inrush currents of each device (the correction factor is a reference value). All multiply the resulting value by 1.1-1.2 (depending on the size of the reserve) and we have the power required for the portable power plant.

important! You shouldn’t look at the maximum value of generator power; use gross or active power as a guide, which is usually 10-15% lower. This will extend the life of your radio.

Also, when choosing, it is worth evaluating the mobility needs of the power plant. Many models are equipped with wheels that allow them to be moved without the use of lifting equipment. If preparing a permanent site for the generator is another issue: it is appropriate to use a fixed model.

Below we have considered the most prominent units, many of which are produced by highly specialized companies, which is important. Prices are for reference only and for comparison purposes only. Please check the specifications and configuration before purchasing.

TOP 5 Gas Generators

These stations should be seen more as a backup source for private homes or a permanent source for summer homes. Relatively cheap, they heat up quickly and can usually work for no more than 3-5 hours non-stop.

  1. DDE GG950Z with 0.65 kW (priced at 6500 rubles).

It’s not particularly powerful and quiet, but on rare blackout days, it’s simply irreplaceable. The DDE GG950Z is an energy-efficient power plant and should be placed in any home just in case. The American brand DDE has an impressive history, and even because of its Chinese origin, the quality of products made under this brand is not compromised. Compact, not gluttonous, and relatively light – what else is needed for a device for 6500 rubles?

  1. Honda EU20i 1.6 kW (priced at 80,600 rubles).

The Honda in the world of portable power plants is like the Bugatti in the world of cars. This also applies to features and performance quality, and of course cost. The Honda EU20i inverter aggregaatti mökille model was not chosen by accident. If you need quiet and long-lasting backup power for your summer house or small private home that produces high-quality current and regularly draws loads above par, this is the system for you! 

  1. Wert G 3000D with 2.3 kW (price 14,000 rubles).

The inexpensive and cheerful situation, but for a summer residence – an ideal choice! As usual, everything good and cheap is made in China, and the Wert G 3000D is no exception. This product is manufactured by Elitech specializing in the production of various electrical equipment. The power of the device is enough to last for minimal household appliances. The size and weight of the frame structure are relatively small and do not cause any particular inconvenience to transportation and transfer at the station. Judging by the reviews, the open-back design is rather noisy, but with the proper placement of the device, you can turn a blind eye to this feature.

Main technical features of the Wert G 3000D generator

By the way, you can get an idea of ​​the noise produced by watching the video below. Model C is shown in the video, but that doesn’t do anything special.

  1. Huter DY4000L 2.8 kW (22,200 rubles).

Another Chinese-origin product favored by Russian buyers is the 2.8 kW Huter DY4000L, which, despite its German origin, is also the same. This is another generator for summer homes that is affordable and works well. Even with just one outlet, it’s cheap, easy to start, and a very reliable backup power source. Noise-wise, like any open-back design, the DY4000L is hardly quiet. Based on reviews, some buyers rate this generator a 4 out of 5 for noise only; it’s hard to stay around a device like this for long. But this is not mandatory!

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