Casting binding spells using hair

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Biologists are well aware that human hair stores the information received while growing on the head. Modern technology allows recovering genomes from hair. Hair can also show what the person was eating, what diseases they had, and even what part of the world they were living in. Magic practitioners have been aware of such capabilities of hair for centuries. They know that hair contains comprehensive information about its owner, while being a unique tool to read and transfer information. This is why casting binding spells using hair brings such great results. With just a few hairs, a magic practitioner can impact people’s mental fields and thoughts, their wishes and plans, desires and dreams.

However, not all hair can be used in magic. For example, died hair (whether the dye was natural or artificial) and permed hair can’t be used in spells. Gray hair isn’t used either because the energy it carries – the energy of aging and decay – is considered negative. Not all rituals allow for hair with the bulb. And of course damaged hair, dry hair and hair with split ends aren’t allowed either.​

Casting a binding spell using hair

If you want to cast a binding spell using hair, there are several ways how you can get the target’s hair. For example, you can cut some hair while the target is sleeping or collect some at the hair salon after the target visits their hair stylist. Some hairs are sure to be found in the target’s bed. When you have enough hair, don’t wash it. Don’t touch it either, unless you have to. Put it in a bag or wrap it in a clean cloth. You may touch the hair only during the ritual. Touching it for no reason may damage its energy affecting its ability to transfer the required charge.

Also, not all people can be put spells on through their hair. As you know, a person’s hair is in close contact with their mental field (thoughts, consciousness, etc.). For this reason examine your potential target closely, focusing on their physical and mental health. Thus, hair spells shouldn’t be put on people who:

  • Have any mental health issues;
  • Have fears or anxiety disorders;
  • Are prone to depression;
  • Are sick (no matter what disease they have);
  • Show signs of depression;
  • Are recovering after a psychological trauma;
  • Are abusing alcohol or taking drugs;
  • Are prone to aggression;
  • Have mood swings.

The same requirements apply when the caster is going to use their own hair in the ritual. As you know, hair stores information for a very long time. If this information is mostly negative and relates to some painful events, the program you create with it will also be negative, attracting similar painful and tragic events into your life.

The easiest binding spells with hair require very little preparation. Tie two hairs together – one hair of the target and one hair from your scalp – making three knots and say:

“I’m declaring you (the target’s name) to have been fallen under the power of my love. You (the target’s name) will love me (your name) as much as I love you.”

Then put the hair quietly into the pocket of the man you love and wait for the spell to start impacting him.

However, more effective spells and rituals require more effort, patience, and more thorough preparation. To begin with, you need to prepare yourself for spell-casting. Quit all your bad habits and abstain from unhealthy food, alcohol and negative thoughts for one month. By living a healthier lifestyle, you’ll reduce negative energy, renew yourself and become stronger, and you need to be strong to cast your hair spell successfully.​

Cut some hair with a pair of scissors made of silver. You’re going to need four locks of hair: two locks from the temples, one lock from the front and one lock from the back of the head. Put each lock into a separate envelope. Then put five magic candles crisscross. Light the one in the middle and let it burn until you repeat the following text 11 times:

“I’m allowing myself to make your exact copy. My intentions aren’t mean, but good. I’m not sending a disease upon you but giving you a part of my love. I’m making your happy but not dooming you to be unhappy. I’m making you loving because I’ve already made you loved with the power of my love. I’m giving you joy and meaning. I’m giving you my heart but taking yours, full of gentle love, in return.”

Then put out the candle and squeeze it between your palms. Natural wax is quite flexible and after a while it’ll be like dough. Remove the fuse and make a ball. Draw the eyes, nose, mouth and ears with your fingers. Attach the hair to it placing the locks accordingly: the hair from the temples should be attached to the head’s temples, the hear from the back of the head should be attached to the back of the head, and so on.

Now take five pictures of your loved one and build a house with them (the cards should face inwards). You should build the floor and the walls. Put the head inside and place the sixth picture on top as a roof. Let it stand for seven days. Then take the wax head out and start whispering the spell. The wax head is directly connected to the target’s subtle bodies and can impact the target’s conscious mind.

Start with repeating the following text three times:

“I’m charming you with the power of my love which is the strongest you’ll ever experience. You won’t hide or run away from it. You’re in my hands. I’m holding your head in my hands just like I’m holding this wax head. I’ll bend over it and whisper to your ear anything I want and it’ll come true. You can’t close your ears, so you’ll hear everything and do everything. Do as I say!”

Bend over the wax head and say everything you want to say to the man you love. Tell him what you want him to do, feel, want, and think. Just remember that this person won’t do anything that is unpleasant to him, that may cause him pain or discomfort, or that is humiliating for him. So whisper something nice.

This spell helps people make other people happy. Just remember that the target doesn’t belong to you. He’s not your slave. He has his own fate and karma which you’re not allowed to change. This ritual allows you to become a part of his fate through bringing some light and happiness into his life. Otherwise, whatever you whisper will be rejected by him and later you’ll be punished for it by karma.

After you say everything you want, repeat thrice:

“You don’t hear me, but my words will go deep into your mind. You don’t see me but you understand it better every day that I’m with you. I won’t say anything bad to you. I won’t wish ill on you. But every word I say will become your thought. Every request I make will become your wish. You’ll do as I tell you. Whatever I wish for will come true. I can control you because I love you. I have the right to control you due to my love.”

Put the wax head back into the house of cards and wait. If your feelings are strong, you’ll see the first results shortly. Then you can repeat the ritual in order to make the target love you stronger or, for example, to adjust his behavior for an improved relationship. If the spell doesn’t work, look for other methods to cast binding spells using hair on our blog and hopefully you’ll be satisfied with the new results.

But if you keep failing, contact a professional spellcaster and let him help you.

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