Best Eyebrow Shapes for Different Face Shapes

A round face is the perfect canvas for a fuller, thicker brow. A thin brow makes the face look plumper. An arched eyebrow gives the square face the lift it needs to appear more oval. Keep the brow thinner to allow the arch to get maximum attention here. Medium arches work best with oval faces. A good rule of thumb to follow is to keep to the brow’s natural shape as far as possible.

For older women, the brows tend to droop at the ends due to the sagging skin. For such brows, Anastasia Soare recommends lifting the brows to give the eyes a more open and wider appearance. Make the brow shorter and the arch straighter to achieve this effect.

Now let’s start with the practical…

Step 1: Determine where your client’s eyebrows should start: -Take your spatula and place it right next to the outside corner of her nose, taking it upwards to the inside corner of her eyes. Make a dot here so that you know where to shape.

Step 2: Determine where the arch should be: – Place the spatula’s one side onto the tip of your client’s nose and take it diagonally through the pupil of her eye. Make a dot just above the area where the arch should be.

Step 3: Determine where your eyebrow should end: – Place the spatula on the outside corner of your client’s nose and take is straight to the outside corner of her eye. Make a dot so that you know where to stop plucking.

Step 4: Brush the eyebrows neatly in an upwards movement so that you know where you must pluck any unwanted hair.

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Step 5: Finally, start plucking the hair outside your marked lines until finished.

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