Benefits of Writing Down Your Dreams

Dreams are very powerful sources of information on what lies inside our minds and their patterns of behavior. As we sleep, our conscious side rests, whereas our subconscious keeps working actively. Sometimes, it brings weird images or strange experiences to us, but they are an incredible source to understand our minds. If you pay attention to your dreams, you might get the answers to some of your questions that have been lying around for a while. Because even if we stop actively thinking about them, our subconscious constantly processes those questions to present answers for them. And the way they show themselves is through dreams!

The problem is, though, many people do not pay attention to their dreams. When they do not try to work through their dreams after they wake up, they will be left with snippets of their dreams, and those snippets will fade very soon. When they fade, the ideas or answers our subconscious present to us will be gone, too! If you do not want them to be lost, you might consider keeping a dream journal. If you make this a habit, soon you will be blessed by the many benefits of writing down your dreams. The key point of keeping a dream journal is that you should do it immediately after you wake up, that is before the details of your dreams fade. Here are some of the many benefits of writing down your dreams for you to consider keeping a dream journal!

It Helps You Remember a Good Idea

Have you ever experienced a situation where you wake up with a brilliant idea but after a few minutes, you forget it and your day just becomes horrible? No matter what you do, you cannot remember that perfect idea and blame yourself for not writing it down. Many people experience it. By turning writing down your dreams into a habit, you will not be affected by this horrendous situation anymore!

It Helps You to Learn from Your Mistakes

When you write down your dreams, you allow yourself to reflect on them and see the patterns in them. By doing this, you allow yourself to communicate clearly with your subconscious and understand the meanings behind the images or feelings in your dreams. Writing down your dreams will help you see the patterns in your behaviors and let you be prepared for your daily life problems.

It Boosts Your Creativity

Our subconscious self is much more different from and interesting than our conscious self. Because when we dream, our conscious mind and rational restrictions disappear, our brains become extremely imaginative and more unique than when we are awake. That is, dreams are great sources of muse and imagination. You can find an idea for your next song or story in your dreams. But to not forget them, try to write them down as soon as you wake up from that dream!

You Become Better at Lucid Dreaming

Writing down dreams are known for their ability to increase the chances of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams are simply dreams where you are aware that you are not awake. Some people use lucid dreaming to reduce anxiety or nightmares, and some just for plain fun. For whatever reason it is if you want to keep seeing more lucid dreams, keeping a dream journal ttactics will help you a lot.

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