Avoid these 4 mistakes when it comes to just listed postcards wording!

Marketing strategy makes the difference between a competent and a struggling real estate agent. Therefore, to stand out in the real estate industry, you need an effective marketing tool. Among your options should be postcard marketing.

What is a postcard? Postcards are a form of direct mail used to sell a product or service to a target audience. Typically, the postcards come in the form of flyers, newsletters, and product brochures. Additionally, you can use the postcard to offer discounts and promotional offers about your real estate property.

A postcard aims to generate leads, attract new clients and drive return clients. Therefore, for your new house listing, you need to design a postcard that helps you achieve this. Essentially, the design for a just-listed postcard, when delivered properly, will create brand awareness in your local market.

The success of a just-listed postcard goes down to the just listed postcards wording used. You might have a good design, but when it is used with not-so-good wording, chances are it will be disposed of even without getting the message. However, this article has got you covered. Below are highlights of 4 wording mistakes to avoid when developing a just listed postcard.

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Too much information

The wording of a just-listed postcard should be in agreement with the phrase, “brevity is the soul of wilt.” Before coming up with the wording, you need to filter out the necessary information to attract and help in the selling of the houses. The most important information should be placed on the landing page with clear visibility and an outstanding design. It would be best if you also were careful not to leave out important information.

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Forgetting the contact information.

Adding your contact information might seem like an obvious feature to include, but you will be surprised by how many realtors do not include this part. What do the customers do with the information when they do not have the means to follow up? Therefore, the postcard wording needs to be inclusive of a telephone number, a cell number, fax number, URL to a landing page, email, or return page. You can also add the company name to the contact information.

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In addition to the contact information, it is important to include a call to action. The call to action should be clear and brief. Below are examples of call to action to include in the just listed postcard;

  • Order by —— and save 20%
  • Call today to learn more about this special offer

Generalizing the content

Using a postcard as a marketing tool is meant to create awareness of your new listing to the target audience. Therefore, you need to come up with a postcard that has clear and personalized information. On the contrary, a lot of junk information minimizes the chances of getting sales from the marketing.

Sending an unprofessional postcard

The trick of attracting more clients is professionalism. You need to use professional words and design to be able to stand out. This consists of font size and font style.

A postcard is an effective, low-cost marketing option used to create awareness of your just-listed property. This article points out the common mistakes made in the wording of a just-listed postcard. Therefore, by following the guidelines, you will develop a postcard that will give you results.

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