All You Need to Know About Safety Boots Price in Kenya

From the warehouse floor to the construction site, shipping and receiving docks all over the country, it’s the work of safety boots on the feet of the people that keeps Kenya moving forward. Safety boot(s) are one of the most important equipment in most workplaces.


A safety boot is a durable shoe with a protectivereinforcement which is mostly made of steel at the front. The front safeguards the feet from injuries at the workplace. They are precision constructed to protect against common workplace dangers: slip and falling accidents,electrical shock,chemical burn,and broken this article, we will explain some pointer why there is differences in prices.

Safety boots condition and use

Boots with protective toecap, for example, are designed to protect the upper part of the feet. There aresafety boots with anti-vibration outsoles and ankleprotection that provide further support. When choosing safety boot it good to consider the following;

  • Material-leather or synthetic
  • Ensure footwear complies to EN ISO 20345 standards
  • Hazards –oil or chemical use
  • Temperature- cold or hot environment.

We can agree that safety boots that are in good conditions are expensive

Type, design and style of safety boots

Different types, design and style of safety boots determines the safety boots price in Kenya in general. When we talk about design and style, I mean how safety boots are put together determine the way they move with and support. The cost of material needed to create that shoes also differ hence making it to have different prices.

Quality and durability of safety boot

A good quality safety boot should meet certain standards and should have the following;

  • Impact and compression- safety boot should safeguard the feet from droppingsubstances and crushing on rolling objects.
  • Electric shock safety– it should protect the person wearing from electric shock if standing during application of 18000 volts or leakage of excess mill amperes under dry condition.
  • Penetration resistance – should have a permanent place positioned between insole and outsole of the safety footwear to resist penetration.
  • Metatarsal guard- reduce the chance of injury to the top of the feet.


Have you ever trudged through mud in the garden or fall at the work place? The added weigh on your feet makes every step more difficult and the consequences is pure misery. Modern technology has leapt forward allowing such trends as safety trainers, high protection styles boots, cut resistance and all specialist foot protection without compromising on protection, and this has determines the price.


Everybody is different, so it might be that in order to get the ridge level of protection that fits you properly,you need to look for something more conservative looking, yetcorrect. Understanding that a good fit is one of the most important thing in purchasing shoes and multiple cross referencing. Different sizes have differentprices.

In conclusion,your safety is is virtual to ensure that you wear correctly safety boots in order to prevent any injury that may occur. This will saves the cost in terms of medication of an accident occurred and saves time that could have been used for first Aid. Workers cannot afford to work without proper is clear that the shoes has a lot of advantages.

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