A Key Opinion Leader Gives A Brand The Credibility, Expertise And The Experience It Needs, According To NetBaseQuid

The pandemic blew a hole in Brand profits in 2020. Consumers stopped buying brands in brick-and-mortar stores, and they got bombarded with the Internet with orders. That had a dramatic impact on the world’s supply chain. The retail and wholesale supply chain took a major hit during the trade war with China and other countries. And COVID did more damage. Even though the vaccine offered Brands a chance to get back in the promoting and marketing game, they needed an extra boost from Key Opinion Leaders.

 Key Opinion Leaders Motivate Consumers, And They Keep Brands On Their Toes

Brands started using influencers to sell products and services decades ago. Athletics, celebrities and famous business people offered their services to brands for a price. And that system of personal advertising is still an important strategy in this age of emerging tech trends.

But the Internet changed the playing field for brands. Influencers are still an important element in any social media marketing strategy. But now that any company can develop a brand name and compete with the big brands on the Internet, new marketing strategies that include a key opinion leader (KOL) are important.

Identifying a KOL can be a challenge for a brand that relies on the archaic form of marketing. The archaic form of marketing is the old word-of-mouth advertising method. One consumer tells another, and that person tells someone else, and a brand gradually becomes a household name. That method works. But thanks to the Internet, the same or better results occur faster when a KOL is on board.

KOLs Have Credibility And Experience In One Sector Of The Economy

A KOL can be a game-changer when other social media marketing tools are in play, according to NetBaseQuid’s CEO Bob Goodman. NetBaseQuid’s AI social analytic platform identifies an opinion leader that can bring new business to a brand. Plus, the platform finds new ways to keep current consumers satisfied with a brand’s products and services. Brands have to change as the consumer market changes.

NetBaseQuid executives developed an Artificial Intelligence platform that gives Brands a 360-degree view of their products and services. That means the platform analyzes every aspect of a Brands marketing plan.

Marketing Intelligence is a prime focus for KOLs. Opinion leaders can get information about other brands in real-time. Consumers trust these leaders because they always have a presence on the Internet through text messages, tweets, blogs, and commercials. Key Opinion leaders have consumer credibility and experience. And they have the expertise that solidifies their position as truthful consumers rather than paid promoters.

 Brands Must Build A Meaningful Relationship With Key Opinion Leaders

Once a brand established a connection with a KOL through an AI social media analytic platform, it’s up to the Brand to cultivate that relationship. Key Opinion Leaders are not employees. They are marketing consultants who perform a number of services for brands. KOL services include being real in an online consumer world filled with challenges, according to Bob Goodman.

Building a meaningful Brand marketing strategy using NetBaseQuid’s social media analytics is the flavor of the day for companies like Coca-Cola and American Airlines. Goodman’s NetBaseQuid team has the ability to focus on the big brands. But its AI social media platform works for medium and small companies as well.

Mr. Goodman tells his clients opinion leaders act as a foundation for a successful online marketing plan. An effective AI marketing plan has the power to influence consumers because it focuses on quality and value, as well as service that exceeds consumer expectations.

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