5 Simple Web Design Tweaks That Could Make a Difference to Your Conversion Rate

Your ecommerce site is where clients can browse the products you offer and also make a purchase. Therefore, having the right web design can help in increasing your sales. If you are looking to improve your conversion rate, we listed five simple tweaks that you can incorporate into your ecommerce web design to help you achieve it.

Boost the speed of your site

The speed of your site affects your conversion rate. According to statistics, 40% of users leave a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. Each waiting second that passes increases the number of people abandoning it. Customers want things fast, and not everyone has the patience to wait a long time for a page to load, especially there are several other options out there. Do not be left out by the competitors that have fast websites.

One way to speed up your site is to adjust the size of your videos and images. Those that have large sizes can slow down your site. There are applications or tools that you can use for resizing these files while still ensuring their quality. They will still look excellent without taking too many resources. Do an inventory of your site, and remove things that are no longer relevant. There may be content or pages you created before that you no longer need that are only hogging your resources. 

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Utilize high-quality pictures

People are attracted to appealing visuals. If the images they see are poor quality, it will not spark their interest in checking more about your items. However, if you use top-quality photos, they will be enticed to see more and probably buy something. Therefore, carefully take a picture of the items that you sell. If you are a reseller and use images from the manufacturer, be sure that they are also high in quality. With this, customers will have a better look at the items and decide if they will buy or not. If the images are not good, they may not even look at them further. 

Use appropriate colors 

Keep your background neutral so your text will be readable. Bright and colorful backgrounds are a pain to look at. However, you can incorporate pastel colors on the texts of the areas where you want to grab the customers’ attention.  For example, if you have a limited promo or products on sale, you may use red text to make those words bold and eye-catching. It is also true with your call to action. Red is a popular color for this because it’s easily seen, and it also gives that feeling of excitement. It is something that you want users to feel when they check your products. 

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Keep your ecommerce web design simple and organized

Going over the top may not be the best way to design your ecommerce site. It could take away your customers’ attention from the essential things you want them to see, and those are the products you sell. Limit the number of items on each page, so they do not look too busy or crowded. Include whitespace to make it look organized and easy on the eyes. It will be quicker for them to find what they are looking for, thus increasing your conversion rate.

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Consider F pattern

When users land on your page, they usually scan content from left to right, starting on the top part in an F pattern. It means that they see all the upper parts, while the area on the lower right of the page gets the least attention. Therefore, place the most important things on top to ensure that users see them, including a call to action that will lead them to check out your items. 

These web design tweaks are easy to incorporate on your site, and they are proven to help increase your conversion rate.

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