5 Questions to Ask a Potential Home Builder

If you have been house hunting for a while now and have not found the right fit, you might want to think about looking for a home builder Macedon Ranges to build the ideal home from scratch. But that means finding a builder with experience in home building who you can trust and that takes a bit of research. There are a number of places to look to take down some names. Asking people you know, asking at building supply stores, checking classified ads, looking in the local business phone book, and maybe the most popular, looking online. Once you have a list you can then start narrowing them down. Here are five questions that can help you through that process.

1) Do they understand what you are looking for?

No matter what great reputation they have if they do not really understand what it is you want then they are not going to meet your requirements and the end result is going to be something you are at best ambivalent about. A home builder Gisborne needs to be willing to talk to you as many times as needed in order to understand best what you want and how it is to be achieved.

2) What do previous clients have to say?

Asking past clients about their experience is a great way to get an honest evaluation of their time with the builder. It is not just about the house once it was complete if everything was to high standards, it is about how they worked on-site, how goos at communicating were they, were they on time each day, was there a lot of delays, did they push for more money a lot? You can ask the builders for references and contact them and you can also look online for reviews from other clients.

3) What will the resale be if you decide to sell?

If you are not planning in living in this new home for the rest of your life or at least long term, then how well it will sell is an important consideration when you choose your builders Gisborne. Look at the value of other homes they have built in the same area, or surrounding areas and have an idea of what that means for your home.

4) Are they licensed and know what permits to apply for?

It is essential when choosing a builder that they have a license, that they are qualified and that they know how to apply for all the permits that might be required for the project. That is the sign of a builder who knows what standards they have to meet and will do so.

5) Do they have a good reputation?

Reputation is a crucial part of this industry and a good builder will work hard to make sure they have credibility and respect from other builders, suppliers and clients. Find a home builder Macedon Ranges that has a positive buzz about them from past clients and one who is a member of a local or national builder’s association.

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