3 Tips for Self-Care while Working from Home

hanges in the lives of everyone globally brings along with it many adjustments and challenges. One such challenge is to continuously work from home. Working from home is a comparatively tiresome task because it tends to make the mind foggy and the body lethargic. Home is a comfort zone and sometimes the comforting environment acts as a hindrance in effective performance. Therefore, it is very important to perform a few self-care rituals to keep the mind clear and fresh. The below listed are some effective ways to take care of yourself while working from home.

1. Writing

Writing and maintaining journals has proved to be very effective for people. People have been practicing the art of writing since ages. It is one sacred task that clears the mind of unnecessary thoughts and helps in making better and effective decisions. People who work from home should make a habit of religiously maintaining a journal as it will help keep the mind calm and focused. This particular activity does not require a lot of effort, just a diary and a ballpoint pen is sufficient to begin with. The global usage and demand of Parker pens has increased amidst the pandemic. People have started taking care of themselves and thus journaling has become an everyday ritual now. It is highly advised for everyone working from home to take out a few minutes and take care of themselves by writing.

2. Digital Detox

The term work from home in itself indicates that there is a constant usage of technology and digital devices. Sometimes, the over or continuous usage of digital tools and devices can make your mind go numb, as much as it is the need of the hour to stay connected and work, it is equally important to take breaks from time to time from digital tools. Digital Detox helps regain strength as it freshens up the mind and body.  It also brings back the lost energy and enthusiasm of the people and they regain their focus on work. Therefore it is medically advised that people should take digital detox every now and then to maintain the balance and harmony of the mind and the body.

3. Quality Time with Good Online Content and Music

Music and online content is liked by all. Music is even said to release some relaxing hormones into our bodies which benefit us a great deal. Therefore, while working from home it becomes even more necessary to take small breaks and listen to one’s favorite songs and watch some content of one’s choice. A fresh mind is always more desirable than the mind that is overburdened and tired. Sometimes work doesn’t allow breaks, one must still take out a few minutes and listen or watch something. If the routine doesn’t allow breaks, one can do the above-mentioned task while eating food. That will impact even more because it will be a combination of delicious food and good quality music or online content. This will surely be a good self-care practice that one must try.

4. Food & Drinks

Food and drinks always seem to have an positive affect on our mood. Of course, we all need at least the minimum amount of food per day. However, it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself from to time to time with something special. If you have had an especially tiresome day at work, than you have a good excuse to cook your favorite meal or snack.

Moreover, a good cup of coffee or tea in the evening doesn’t hurt either. Make sure to take a moment of rest every night. After diner, treat yourself to a snack and a warm cup of coffee while watching tv or reading  a book. Take this time to enjoy yourself in your free time.

5. Sports

The last activity that can help you destress and relax, is exercising. Not only is exercising good for your health, it can also help you relax in your free time. It helps you focus on something completely different then work, thus taking your mind of stressful thoughts. It gives you a break from constantly worrying about work. So going to soccer practice with friends, or going for a run on your own, helps you with your physical health and mental health. Are you not a big fan of exercising? No problem, taking a walk in the park or yoga are very good alternatives to intensive exercises. It’s important that you find yourself an activity to focus on and that puts you in a different environment. So get of that couch and start exercising!

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