Wooden door and Installing frame

Various smooth wooden door designs There are a wide variety of smooth blooms. Smooth door with glass compartment Smooth pane with lower scales Choosing to use for building a house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน depend on demand or as agreed with the owner of the construction

  • Drilling a hole in the door leaf. There should not be more than 40% of the area of ​​the door leaf. and should be at least 5″ (125) from the edge
  • The height of the cutout should not exceed half the height of the door leaf.

hollow door

The hollow door has a rough frame inside. serves to give strength This may have a honeycomb or sieve pattern. with the top and side plates attached as a strong frame This type of door leaf is lightweight. But it does not protect against sound, temperature and weather conditions. However, this hollow door is commonly used indoors. and can be used outside the building by improving the quality by using waterproof glue

solid wood door

solid wood door Made up of solid pieces of wood. mixed material or particle board to be fastened together in the materials mentioned in the dead end Doors made from solid wood are the most popular. because of cost savings while the mixed material is the lightest. But there will be problems with screwing and cutting the handle hole. Solid wood doors are generally used for exteriors. But it can also be used internally in cases where fire and sound proofing is required.

Quality layer and decorative lining material

  • There are 3 levels of quality of veneer plywood: very good, good and fair.
  • Very good quality plywood. Can be painted with a clear coating to show the wood texture.
  • High quality plywood. It can be applied with a clear coating or painted over.
  • Good quality plywood. The surface should be painted with paint over the plywood surface. And should be applied in two layers to cover the blemishes on the plywood surface.
  • Some hard plate materials. can be used to cover the surface of the door by using paint over the face
  • In addition to paint over the face. Using a plastic laminate to cover the surface is also possible.
  • In general Smooth doors are pre-fabricated from the factory. This may include painting or coating. including mounting hinges and handles

special door

  • Fireproof door panels contain fireproof material as the core inside the door.
  • UL label B door has a fire rating of 1 or 1½ hours. UL label C door has a fire rating of ¾ hour.
  • soundproof door panels There will be two non-contiguous door fronts that must be separated by a non-conducting material or space. And there should be a sill to prevent sound under the door.

wooden door

sliding door type It will be a different type of hatching. available in the market house building company รับสร้างบ้าน Remove the sash and the glass top. Door frame Wooden frame with full glass panels glass shutter

wooden door It is made of solid wood slats forming a frame on top. bottom, sides, and centerline to support and secure wooden panels, slats, glass or interior shutters. The frame of the wood planks should be softwood. or medium meat

  • The hinged frame is attached by a hawk-tail pivot method.
  • Door leaf height 6′ 8″, 7’0″, 8’0″ (2,030, 2,135, 2,440).
  • Front frame
  • Side frame
  • In case the slat pattern is not symmetrical, it is necessary to define the top and bottom of the door leaf. to know exactly which side of the frame is intended for attaching hinges and which side is for the handlebar bolt
  • It could be a solid wood board or a quality veneer. for displaying wood
  • Or it could be other options such as mirrors or wooden shutters.
  • The center front frame should be at the level where the handlebar will be installed.
  • Front bottom frame
  • Door leaf width: 1′ 0″, 1′ 4″, 1′ 6″, 2’0″, 2’4″, 2’6″, 2’8″, 3’0″, (305, 405 , 455, 610, 710, 760, 815, 915)
  • Vertical planks.
  • The plank is fixed diagonally.
  • Horizontally anchored planks.

plank door leaf Made by bringing solid wood planks arranged vertically to attach them together. The planks were hammered with horizontal and diagonal nails. to hold the planks together.

  • This type of door leaf is a door that does not require elaboration.
  • Can be assembled at the construction site.
  • Vertical planks should have tongues. to help there be no air holes
  • It may contract and expand. due to humidity change

Installing the wooden frame

For external door jamb, wooden frame wall

upper frame

  • Panels and foundations for exterior walls.
  • Sealant
  • Water drop eyebrows
  • Lotus closes the seams.
  • Covered door frame 5⁄4″ (32)
  • Inner wall paneling
  • The cornice covering the inner seams may have a form as required.
  • Cover ½” (13)


  • The gap between the jamb and the wall is insulated.
  • The sealing cornice should run continuously from the top jamb.
  • Area for inserting screened doors, rainproof doors. or block the snow outside for another layer
  • Insulation
  • Door type for external use (can withstand rain)
  • Thickness 115⁄16″ (49) for 1¾” (45) doors.


  • The sills may be made separately or combined with the sill plates.
  • Sloping sill plate. to drain
  • Sealant
  • The geotextile may be metal or wood overlaid to cover the joint between the geotextile and the decorative surface.

For exterior door frames, walls, decorative materials

upper frame

  • Decorative wall materials placed on top of the angle steel roof.
  • Sealing material.
  • Skirting to cover joints ¼” (6) +/-


  • Opening distance for decorative materials
  • The opening distance is not decorated.
  • Successful opening distance


  • Sealing material.
  • Brick or concrete.
  • Sealant

For interior door jambs, wooden frame walls

upper frame

  • Wall paneling
  • Horizontal wooden frame
  • ½ (13) +/- to support the adjustable wedge.
  • Lotus closes the seam.


  • Groove at the back of the jamb. Helps keep the stick from twisting
  • 19⁄16″ (40) for door panel 13⁄8″ (35)


  • Should not be higher than ½ (13) according to the ADA standard for doorways.


  • The door manufacturer may offer to offer a door that comes with the band. The frame with hinge brackets comes from the factory. Or maybe with a painted coating to decorate the handles and bolts.
  • ½” (13) distance for aligning the transom.
  • The trim covers the joint between the side frame and the edge of the unadorned opening.
  • The cross section of the transom shape is the same across the sides and top.
  • Shutter door frame May block the inner jamb For the inner door to be left as the door’s nose
  • No-nosed jamb. May be used with doorways that do not have a door leaf. Or it could be a double-sided swing door.

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