What are Lace Front Wigs?

From television to homes, wigs have gained immense popularity worldwide among both men and women. People wear wigs for several reasons – wigs conceal hair-related issues and boost confidence, wigs can be an effortless way of styling your hair as they are very versatile and easy to maintain. Women also wear wigs to protect their hair from the harsh external environment and stimulate natural hair growth at the same time. And above all, you can never go wrong with your hair when you have a wig on. The wigs serve best when they complement the natural hair color and skin tone of the hairline. Lace wigs are made on sheer lace as their foundation material. The flesh-colored lace can’t be distinguished from the natural skin, giving the wig the utmost natural appearance. When it comes to lace wigs, you can come across both full head and lace front wigs, each having its own suitable applications. 

Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs can be divided into two parts – a strip of lace at the front and the remaining wig is made of a stronger material that is resistant to stretch and tear, making the wigs versatile and durable simultaneously. Whereas, full head lace wigs are made entirely of lace and are more likely to tear or rip apart when subjected to stretch. The lace front wigs give their wearers the freedom to choose a hairline. It allows people to part the front section of the hair however they want.  However, with lace front wigs, the hair can’t be pulled back as compared to the full lace wigs as the lace portion is only at the front. This means that the wearers can’t wear a ponytail or other high hairdos. 

Apart from having the desired hairline, lace front wigs are cheaper as compared to other lace wigs. The percentage of lace wig density determines the hair density of the hair as well as the price range of wigs. Since lace front wigs only employ lace at the front with greater hair density, they are likely to be cheaper than other full head lace alternatives.  

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Why Should you Opt for Lace Front Wigs?

Lace front wigs are best at mimicking natural hair which makes it very hard to discern the two. With lace front wigs, the hair strands fall onto the forehead, hiding the transition between the skin and the wig. When maintained and cared for correctly, lace front wigs can last up to one year and even three years if made out of 100% human hair. The lace front wigs are also very easy to put on and do not require a wig cap as their base is made of a durable material at the back. Before putting on the lace front wig, do a patch test to see if you are sensitive to the wig adhesive. Secure your hair and clean your forehead to remove any excess oil or dirt. After that, apply the adhesive to the hairline and align the wig accordingly.

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Lace front wigs are breathable and provide room for natural hair growth alongside styling your hair. The durability and versatility of the lace front wigs make them a dynamic part of the wig industry. 

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