Tips To Enhance The Look Of Your Bedroom

After a hard day at the office or after spending the whole day looking after the family, there is nothing better than getting into bed. Irrespective of whether you use it to work, read or sleep, having a bedroom that is comfortable and tastefully decorated creates the right sleep environment. Here are a few tips starting from a Sheesham wood bed to the colour scheme, when applied, makes the bedroom and the bedtime more appealing.

Tips to Spruce the Room

To begin with, spruce the bedroom with some easy and cost-effective updates. For that, take a good look at the bedroom and find out what you dislike. It can be the bedding on your Wakefit bed, the window curtains, lighting, or even the walls and floors of the bedroom. Even the smallest changes can make improvements.

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Remove the Mess

To give your bedroom an instant lift, remove all the clutter. Organize your closets and get rid of all the things that are not needed. Any reading materials or things that you do not use daily should be cold stored. Trim down all decorative items on the shelf to change the appearance of your room. If you do not have enough closet space and are considering buying a new bed online, opt for a bed with storage. These come in different bed sizes so that you can choose based on the available space.

Store those not often used clothing, shoes, accessories, etc., in a less visible place or in your bed storage. Store seasonal clothes in large boxes, use hanging racks for shirts, skirts, etc to reduce the clutter.

Add Colour to the Walls

Adding a new coat of paint to give a fresh look is a great way to go by. The wall colour creates a good impression of the place but also enhances your mood. Depending on the mood you desire, opt for:

  • Blue walls for a tranquil and soothing effect
  • Green for a restorative effect
  • White for a spacious feeling
  • Gray for a contemporary look.

A feature wall on a single side with a complementary colour boosts the aesthetics. You can also opt for faux paint or patterned wallpaper for a modern-looking bedroom.

Not a wallpaper person? Choose wooden panels along the length and breadth of the wall for a stylish look. When choosing the panel, choose the texture and shade of the wood similar to the bed.

Add Artwork to your Wall

A bedroom is your sleep sanctuary and reflects your personal style. So choose the colour, style, and art that you prefer. A piece of artwork on a wall can elevate the space to the next level. It also adds a lot of glamour to your bedroom without making it overwhelming. Additionally, adding artwork need not be expensive in your pocket. Place a wall hanging in metallic flavour and pair it with some good light fixtures or bed linens, and the entire space comes together beautifully. To give a contemporary edge, swap a mirror with a wall hanging.

Consider the Size of the Furniture

When you are shopping for bedroom furniture it is important to consider the size. Choosing an appropriate size is a realistic approach. A wooden bed design of king size is not apt for a small room as it overtakes the room. Also, there is no place for circulation around the bed as it makes it difficult to move around. So when you have a small room, opt for a queen-size bed. If it is a children’s bedroom, you can choose a single or a double size bed.

Also if the room is overcrowded with a lot of furniture, make an assessment of what you need. Remove any unnecessary pieces from the room to get more space and give a more spacious feeling. A couple of chairs, a bed, and a few pieces of painting are all that are needed to make a difference.

Add Mirror

Light fixtures that reflect light from the mirrors make a major difference in the overall appearance of the room. Add a mirror across the wall to add more light to the space. The mirror also helps in softening the shadows and bouncing natural light. If you have a good view then adding a mirror can make the space look bigger than it is. An extra mirror also comes in handy to dress up or have a glance of yourself before you head out.

Change the Small Things

Small changes make a big impact hold true with bedroom design. There is no need to make big updates to give your room a fresh appearance. For example, change the existing hardware of your dresser, use new knobs for the nightstands, drawer, etc. Use chrome hardware as that is shiny and gives a contemporary look. Wrought iron and glass can also be great choices.

Apart from those hardware updates, you can play around by adding new curtains or a new area rug. Remove any heavy window treatments and place lighter options to prevent obstructions. Add a flower pot on a dresser to bring some greenery to the space.

Layer up your Bed

Make your bed more inviting by adding layers of luxury. Linens, pillows, quilts, and other types of bedding online thrown over the bedspread create a luxurious and inviting bed. That also helps when you are sleeping in cold weather, you can easily pull one over for a cosy sleep. Along with regular shaped pillows, add some stylishly shaped pillows. Contrast the pillowcases to add more color to the bedding. If you are in the mood, layer some decorative cushions at the top or in the front. Though it will take some time for you to find your pillow at bedtime, it looks great at other times. Visit this site if you’re planning to buy linens wholesale for your beddings, blankets and pillow cases.

If your bedroom is dull, dreary, or boring, the above tips can help in sprucing it. Using these can help in transforming the sleeping space into a haven. Having a good sleep environment improves health and performance and also gives the mind and body much-needed rest. Most importantly, ensure that the bed and mattress you are sleeping on is of the best quality.

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