Steps to Edit a PDF File

Are you facing difficulty editing or converting a PDF? Converting or editing a PDF can be very difficult. You need to first convert the PDF to Word then you can do the necessary changes. Editing a PDF was never an option. Even if you want to edit PDF  directly, it is never possible. You need to go to the original website and you need to pay a hefty sum to edit your PDFs.

But, now with the invention of different software and applications available online, it has become much easier for you to edit all your PDFs with just one click. The advancement of technology has made life easier for both workers, students, and teachers. Even in this pandemic, editing PDFs was useful to them. A teacher could check their students’ works online, students could edit on the generated pdf merge and workers could solve their problems.

Steps to edit your PDF

Even if you know how to change from a Word file to a PDF but after that, if you cannot edit a PDF file you need to know which websites you can edit the file on and what are the steps involved to help you to edit your PDF file. PDFSimpli is one a king website, where you can easily edit or convert PDF files to your desired location. Here are some of the steps you should before editing PDF files:

Step 1

The first step before editing your PDF is to open your browser. There are different browsers available on your laptop, you need to open one first and wait till the page gets loaded. As the page gets loaded you should go to the next step.

Step 2

You need to type in the searching box about editing PDF files. After typing click on the search button and a new page will open, where you will get millions of solutions. But search for the PDFSimpli site. This website is safe and there is no forgery in entering the website.

Step 3

You need to search for PDFSimpe and when you find the website you need to click on the website. See if the website has mentioned PDFSimpli name, only then enter the website. As you enter the website search for PDF editing.

Step 4

You will find many drop-down boxes and you will not under, only check the PDF editing box. There you will find a section on PDF editing, where it will be mentioned that only PDF editing can be done online. You can even convert PDF to Word on the website.

Step 5

As you click on PDF editing, you will be taken to a new page where they will like you to upload the file. You need to upload the file on which you want to edit or do changes.

Step 6

You can use any color pen, you can resize the page, and you can even add you can use pen or marker colors to the page. You will get a wide range of colors from which you can choose and use to edit the page. After that you can download the edited file.


The invention of these websites has helped in the editing and conversion of PDF documents. Using these documents will be helpful in your workplace as well as in your studies.

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