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 Social Listening Tools and NetbaseQuid

Social listening tools help you crawl the internet for mentions of your brand. The depth and diversity of the coverage depend on the tools you select. If you choose the best, you will be assured of full coverage, including blogs, websites, and comment sections. Most people prefer social listening tools since they find mentions in real-time and collect them in a mention’s feed. After gathering enough mentions, they are analyzed to show the big data results.

Important things that Companies should Look for in Social Listening Tools

Once you set business goals, you need to determine the tools that suit your brand. The process is not easy since there are many tools to choose from. Below are the important concepts to check into:

1. Cost

Although social listening tools are essential in running the business, they are quite expensive. You have to inquire to know the price before purchasing. Thorough research on the actual cost could be greatly helpful in purchasing. Avoid the cheap tools since they could have compromised quality. When purchasing these tools, budget and know the amount you would like to spend. At times the pricing can be slightly different, and you may end up being locked into a years’ contract.

2. User-friendliness

It is necessary to test them before purchasing. Most people prefer using a person who uses the tool every day when testing. You also need to ensure that your employees will not have a hard time using them. Understanding all the buttons and filters for the tool to function might be hard for the new user. Always go for user-friendly tools for smooth running. 

3. Customer support

When purchasing social listening tools, you need to ensure the seller will be there to ensure it is functioning well—the level of customer care services you receive after purchasing matters a lot. You may get stuck and be unable to find a solution. Such a circumstance may affect the progress of the business. Finding a knowledgeable person to speak to may be the best solution. Some companies offer maintenance services at a low cost, hence being advantageous to you.

4. The function of the tools in your company

Engagement and publishing tools suit businesses that look forward to interacting with their audience or posting content using the tools. With the engagement tools, you can interact with social authors. On the other hand, the publishing tools allow you to publish your content to your channels. Ensure that the tool has both publishing and engagement functionality to suit your business.

5. Clients and partners

It is hard to know if they will suit your business. Therefore, you must inquire if the tools already work with businesses like yours. You also need to consider the type of client the tools attract by asking for the sample client list. Before selecting the best tool, consider their partners.

6. Size of the company

When looking for social listening tools, check if they work with businesses of a certain size. At times there could be a lot of flux in the social data industry, increasing your desire to work with trusted suppliers.

NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid is the next-generation consumer and social listening tool, delivering contextual insights to reveal business trends. It connects with consumers and understands the story behind competitors and the market.

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