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If you’ve just opened your ecommerce retail shop and wondering why you need shipping services and the type of services they offer, you’re in the right place. Having perfectly displayed offerings on your online store is not the endpoint. But there are the back-end services that also are part of the delivery process. Once the customer order for their good, there’s moving it from the store to the customer location. That’s where a shipping company comes in handy.

A simple definition of a shipping company is one that facilitates the transfer of an item from the manufacturer to the customer. A lot happens in between than meets the eye. Visit The Site:

Reputable shipping companies wear many hats; they fill the gaps, and they’re the glue that holds the whole supply chain together.

What services does a shipping company offer?

Shipping services

There are four different modes of shipping. Any reputable shipping company is familiar with the following;

Road transport: This is the form of transportation that is done locally, typical within national borders and contains mixed loads.

Rail transport: This is also another domestic shipping option appropriate for bulk and heavy quantities. A shipping company can arrange for both rail and local transport.

Ocean shipments: This is usually done for international shipments and usually full containers. The delivery may take weeks, including custom clearance delays. Freight forwarders or shipping companies arrange for door-to-door services, including clearance, duties and local deliveries.

Air shipment: Sometimes, you have customers that need their goods delivered within a short duration. Airfreight is part of the services that the shipping company offers.

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Digital warehousing    

Computerize warehouse management system is what works these days. It helps in tracking the inventory, maintain FIFO control, and select slotting locations storage products for loading and such. Every phase depends on the e-management system, electronic scanners and logging devices for real-time recording. Knowing the location of every item while on transit ensures that none is lost or damaged.

The shipping company should have an efficient warehouse management system that is internet enabled providing real-time information, allowing for in-house packing as per customer specifications. A full-service shipping company like tailors their warehousing services as per the customer’s needs.

Inbound processes

In-bound inventories need quick and accurate handling. When there are mistakes in recording arriving goods, you’ve problems throughout the warehouse. Check out if the shipping company has a state-of-the-art warehouse management system to minimize potential errors. The inbound receipts should reflect manufacturing dates, lot numbers, serial numbers, order tracking, backorders and such important information.

Warehouse fulfillment

Allowing a shipping logistics professional to arrange for storage of customer goods where necessary reduces the cost of storage on your side. The warehouse professionals are fully trained and equipped to manage inventories, optimize space, and deliver the products as required. They have stores in various locations near your customers, and thus, it becomes easy for you to deliver right on time.

Shipping companies offer multiple services, and that ensures convenience in storage, warehouse management and delivery of customer goods. That’s why you need to ensure the shipping company you choose offers a variety to avoid hiring many service providers, thus increasing the costs. Read More About:

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