Irregular and dysfunctional periods

Early periods are those occurring eight or nine days prior to the expected cycle of twenty-fi ve to twenty-nine days. Much variance outside the normal cycle will cause the body to feel tired and depleted. If your period is constantly early, you may feel consistently anxious. An early period can be caused by insufficient progesterone, shortening the second phase (the phase after ovulation). It is also possible that ovulation occurs early, in which case a little estrogen will help extend and complete the fi rst phase.

Very occasionally, ovulation doesn’t take place at all, in which case the general health of the entire body will need to be attended to, as other irregularities can occur (osteoporosis, for instance). Periods that are consistently late may be due to hormonal imbalance, congestion and stagnation, anemia, or bowel and liver conditions. – A dietary overhaul will be needed. Avoid tea, coffee, food containing synthetic hormones, and any foods that cause allergies.

If the cause is insufficient estrogen, use red clover fl ower, black cohosh root, hop strobilus fl ower, sage leaf, and licorice root. If the cause is insufficient progesterone, use two parts chaste tree berry and one part sarsaparilla root. f If there is congestion, use equal amounts of warming, relaxing, and moving herbs like gingerroot, cayenne pod, pennyroyal leaf, black 237 The Complete Home Guide to Herbs, Natural Healing, and Nutrition 238 The Complete Home Guide to Herbs, Natural Healing, and Nutrition cohosh root, cramp bark, and lobelia leaf.

Lack of ovulation or general hormonal imbalance can be dealt with through cleanses (especially liver and bowel) and a good mixed herbal formula taken regularly. Dr. Christopher’s female formula would be ideal in this situation:

use blessed thistle leaf, cayenne pod, cramp bark, black cohosh root, gingerroot, barberry root bark, red raspberry leaf, squaw vine leaf, bearberry leaf, and chaste tree berry.

Colon and liver cleanses will be necessary (see chapter 6).

Use vaginal pessaries (see chapter 3).

Take hot and cold showers.

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