Get to Know More About Tiger Generators

Some things are so untimely and no one ever knows when they would happen. An example is power outage. At times blackouts happen when an important process is underway and it is at such times that generators come in handy. Tiger generator to be precise has to be your go to solution at such times. We will get to learn more about it as we go on.

Over the past few years, tiger generator has really gained its popularity among Kenyans for their smaller generators under 2kva. It has been so efficient for businesses that require low power supply. However, they not only produce the small generators but bigger ones as well. The affordability, good functionality quality and low fuel consumption has also given it an upper hand in the market.

  • Black out emergency

Of course, not everyone will purchase a tiger generator for businesses. Some people might opt to buy the small generator for their homes incase of power outage. It is quite convenient especially since it has a small manageable fuel tank of about 12 liters. As long as the generator has been refueled, it can run for a good 10 hours nonstop. How great is that?

  • Rated outputs

Ranging from small generators to big generators, there all have differently rated outputs tarting from 2kva all the way to 100kva. Kva, Kilo-volt amperes, indicates the amount of power every generator is able to produce according to its rating. This is the reason why a 2kva tiger generator will be preferred for a smaller business with a lower power consumption while a 100kva generator is preferred for a larger business firm with a larger power consumption.

  • Price

With a steady supply of the generators in our country, Tiger generator price in Kenya has been made fair and affordable to everyone. With a low budget, Kenyans are now able to purchase the generator and have their businesses running. Its quite a progress as a country to see small businesses running smoothly with the aid of these generators. Fuel consumption has also been made very efficient making sure with a good amount of fuel you can run for hours.

  • Pros and cons

Every good thing always tends to have a downside. Nonetheless, the benefits of tiger generators outweigh the disadvantages. Some of its advantages include an improved functionality, an affordable power source, secure and very easy to learn how to use, has low operational cost among others. One of the top most disadvantages of this generator is how noisy it is. Another is the manual manpower required to start it.

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Wrapping it up, generators have come to save lives. Take the most recent scenario when there were collapsed towers along transmission power lines. Supposing generators did not exist, how would the situation have been? Counting all hospitals that immediately started their generators when it was announced some time would be required before fixing it. Those are so many lives that were on life support machines that were instantly saved. Generators are literal life savers.

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