Ethnic Cuisines You’ll Want to Try Today

When it comes to food, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. You likely have your favorite dishes, recipes, and restaurants. However, falling into a regular dining routine can mean missing out on incredible cuisine. You will want to grab your passport after learning about food from all around the globe.

Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is some of the most flavorful in the world. The use of fresh ingredients, unique spices, and complex cooking techniques make it stand out. Science has been used to break down the flavors at a molecular level. Contrary to most cuisine, studies show that Indian food uses more dissimilar flavors than overlapping flavors. Visit an Indian restaurant in Oslo to taste for yourself.

Greek Cuisine

The scenery in Greece isn’t the only thing that is picture-perfect. Colorful Greek cuisine still has strong roots back to ancient times. Fine olive oils aren’t just a major export of the region. They are an indispensable part of many traditional recipes. The frequent use of vegetables, lean meat, and fish also make Greek dining a heart-healthy option.

French Cuisine

France is a country that takes its dining experience to the next level, and the cuisine follows suit. A historical focus on simplicity helped form the smooth, rich flavors of today. From the gourmet cheeses and wine to the fresh-baked bread, your French meal will start on a high note. Main courses often combine the juice from cooked meat with butter and herbs to create decadent sauces.

Italian Cuisine

From your kitchen to high-end restaurants, Italian cuisine is a popular choice throughout the world. When you hear Italian, you may think of pizza and spaghetti. Authentic Italian meals probably stand out above what you have had. Olive oils, pasta, and wine are made from scratch with traditional techniques. Pairing high-quality, farm-fresh ingredients with a passion for the craft of cooking is a winning combination.

Chinese Cuisine

China has a rich history, and its cuisine plays a role. As one of the largest countries in the world, you can find an immense amount of variation in the food from region to region. One countrywide consistency is that the food has a deep meaning or even spiritual connection. The carefully selected and often unusual ingredients are prepared with a balance to maintain higher nutritional content. The meal presentation is also quite precise.

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican Cuisine includes a bit of everything because it has roots in Aztec, Spanish, Mayan history. Adaptations like Tex-Mex have been created, but truly authentic Mexican food is special. You’ll enjoy flavorful recipes with a vibrant blend of seasonings, chilies, corn, and sauces. Chocolate was even birthed in Mexico.

Thai Cuisine

Thai food is created from the best of several other Asian influences. While many cultures focus on simplicity in cooking, Thai cuisine is extremely complex. Curries, boiled dishes, spicy salads, and pounded foods are the four general categories of traditional cuisine. One dish can simultaneously be sweet, bitter, salty, spicy, and sour. The contrasting flavors allow for a lot of personalization and balance when cooking. You can find something for everyone.

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine should never be bundled with other types of Asian food. You may be familiar with ramen, sushi, and miso soup, but there are over 1,500 unique dishes. Natto, soy, miso, and other fermented sauces grace the table. You can expect unusual dishes with deep cultural significance to be prepared with precision.

Spanish Cuisine

To this day, Spanish culture revolves heavily around eating. If your dishes were fresh and flavorful, you might eat several meals a day too. Recipes feature ingredients that are locally accessible, like fresh seafood, olive oil, garlic, fruits, vegetables, lamb, and veal. Cooking methods vary by region, but stews are common throughout the country.

Caribbean Cuisine

Caribbean cuisine is often overlooked, but you should take notice. Rice, coconut, cilantro, plantains, and other exotic fruits often adorn the plates. Meats like chicken, seafood, and steak are marinated and blackened to perfection over an open flame.

While it may not be realistic to travel the world eating, don’t be scared to broaden your dining horizons. Ethnic cuisine can be brought to life in your own hometown with a great recipe or restaurant.

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