Delta-8 THC Feeling: Does It Differ From Delta-9?

After the moment of legalisation of marijuana in several states, there was no looking back. People are demanding THC based products and they get them to develop their well being. THC is the main and majorly found active cannabinoid found in the cannabis sativa plant. And amazingly there are many types of THC that you might even not be able to recall. But by now two of them, Delta-8 and Delta-9, have become massively popular. Both of them are known to have medicinal effects and are good for health. But which one to choose? Read this text as it will help you out.

  • The difference in molecular structure:

Delta 8 is nothing but an isomer of Delta-9 with the same molecular formula but the different arrangements of atoms. The difference in their structure is minor and might not look like a big deal. But the difference in the arrangement of only one molecule is enough to change its properties. Both of these have multiple differences and hence cause different medical impacts. Both of these compounds are given names as per the arrangement of double bonds. Hence, Delta-9 has a double bond at the 9th carbon and Delta-8 on its 8th carbon.

  • Method of production:

On the off chance that you decide to buy any product, you will be surely concerned about its manufacturing process. And when you are supposed to consume THC you will be tensed. The Delta-9 is a cannabinoid that is found in high amounts in cannabis plants while Delta-8 is found in traces. Delta-8 too occurs in nature but is classified as a minor cannabinoid. As there is a huge amount of Delta-9 you can easily extract it. While Delta-8 is harder to be extracted. Hence Delta-8 is synthetically extracted in the labs using solvents. The best way to get it is using CBD that is extracted from hemp.

  • Legality factor:

Many people are still confused about the legality of different cannabinoids and especially for Delta-8. According to the farm bill of 2018, the usage of hemp driven products that consist of THC in the amount of 0.03% or less is legal. Hence if the Delta 8 is derived from hemp it can be coincidentally used while being in law. While some states have specially banned the usage of both Delta-8 and Delta-9. You must know that marijuana is considered to be illegal to date. Delta 9 is completely illegal while Delta 8 falls in the grey area.

  • Medicinal benefits:

When you want to use Marijuana for any purpose you will have to look for what your state laws say. Many states might allow the usage of marijuana while some don’t. And in many states, you will have to get a prescription for the usage of marijuana medically. Delta-9 and Delta-8 are known to be used medically, but the more regulated one is Delta-9. Both of these THC can help you with digestive issues and cure nausea. Both of these can work magically for appetite issues. Also, you can deal with psychological issues using D8 and D9.

  • How much to consume?

You might have now become aware of the uses of Delta-8 and Delta-9, but what about the dosage? Knowing the right dosage of THC is very crucial to avoid mishaps and adverse effects. In case you consume an overdose on marijuana it could be the worst day of your life. The potency of Delta-8 is not lower and on the other hand, the potency of Delta-9 is higher. For Delta-8 you can consume 10 to 60mg on a daily basis. And if Delta-9 then consumes 5mg to 30mg.



Delta-8 and Delta-9 are the cousins that differ in the arrangement of molecules. Due to this minor difference, the properties of both the compounds are different. Delta-8 is the best choice and using it can help you with various health conditions.

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