The real estate market is thriving in Abu Dhabi. There are many residential and commercial facilities in the capital that can be sold as well as rented. If you are looking for commercial office space in Abu Dhabi, there are some popular areas to consider meeting this need. CRC provides a list of the top 5 areas offering rental office space in Abu Dhabi. You can check BEST AREAS TO RENT AN OFFICE IN ABU DHABI below in this article;

A popular area with rental office space in Abu Dhabi

Offices in each of these areas offer a number of perks. From strategic locations to abundant amenities, there are many features that distinguish these business-friendly communities in Abu Dhabi from others. According to data collected at CRC, the Cornish area has emerged as the highest place to rent office space in Abu Dhabi. Find out more about areas with the best commercial office space to rent in the capital.

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Formerly known as Muroor Road or 4th Street, Al Muroor is connected to two major UAE road networks. Al Muroor is located near areas such as Al Nahyan, Al Etihad, Al Rawdah, and Al Bateen. It has an extensive portfolio of offices. The average office rent for Al Muroor is 27kAED.

Allem Island

Next to the list of areas for renting an office in Abu Dhabi is the popular waterfront destination, Allem Island. It is one of the most popular places to rent commercial space in the city. The free hold area is ideal for business owners who are interested in renting an office in Abu Dhabi’s main community. Commuting is not a problem as it is connected to the main road. In addition, the easy access to communities such as Almaria and Saadiyat makes it a strategic community to rent office space in Abu Dhabi. The rental offices on Allem Island are located in Addax Harbor, Shamsgate District, and Marina Square and are approximately AED135k.

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Haman Street

Colloquially known as Hamdan Street, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street is a busy commercial district in Abu Dhabi. Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, it is one of the oldest places in the city. The oldest mall, the Hamdan Center, is located near Abu Dhabi Cornish, Alkali Dya and Madina Tozaid. Hamdan Street is one of the busiest places in the city, as it caters to numerous business prospects. It consists of an array of rentable offices. The price of the Hamdan Street office is about AED80k.

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As the name implies, Electra Street is home to a large electronics market. Located along Sheikh Zayed First Street, Electra Street is Abu Dhabi’s non-free possession area. It’s a good choice for anyone who wants to start a business in Abu Dhabi’s strategically located area. The average rent for an office on Electra Street is 104k dirhams. And that brings an end to the list of top 5 places to rent an office in Abu Dhabi. In addition to commercial facilities, there are many residential areas in Abu Dhabi. These family-friendly locations are well equipped to meet the specific needs of the resident. Want to know more about establishing a business in the neighboring Emirate of Dubai? For more information, read our detailed features, including guidelines for establishing a business in Dubai. For more insightful articles on entrepreneurship and life in the United Arab Emirates, check out CRC site.

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