4 Fragrance You Must Choose for Yourself and Your Home

Fragrances have a subtle yet strong effect on our emotional and physical well-being. They can trigger happy or sad memories depending on our experiences. Smells that feel pleasant to us make us feel happy whereas scents that feel too overpowering or sweet or too much for our liking leave us with a bad feeling. We can also use some fragrances to invigorate us when we are feeling down and sluggish whereas others can calm our over-wrought nerves and alleviate stress. Being aware of how scents and fragrances affect our mood and us can help us use them to our advantage. Whether you are looking for colognes, perfumes, aromatherapy candles and refills, do visit the Bath & Body Works e-store and if you like what you see (big chance you will) then shop without worries the below mentioned items.

1. Citrus

Fragrances that remind you of lemons, oranges, grapefruits or even lemongrass come under this category. Studies show that the citrus scent can make you feel happy, invigorated and energetic leading to positive emotions. That’s why most bath soaps contain a citrus touch to give you that fresh burst of energy. So, bring in citrus notes into your bathrooms and homes with Kitchen Lemon gentle gel hand soap, Energy Orange & Ginger body wash by redeeming the Bath & Body Works Offers to enjoy super savings.

2. Fresh

Peppermint is one of the most popular fresh scents. Its strong sharp scent is what makes it a must-ingredient in most men’s colognes. Compared to sweet and floral smells, fresh scents stimulate the brain regions and thus can help you when you are working or studying and require focus. Light up a candle in your favourite fresh scents while you work on those tasks and you will be able to get more work done in less time. Spray your kids study with a fresh air freshener or plugin a wallflower with a fresh scent refill.

3. Floral

This scent is associated with mood-lifting, calming emotional anxiety and helping with depression. Lavender is one of the most featured floral scents used because of its proven abilities to calm the nerves, help the body to relax and improve the quality of one’s sleep. So, if you suffer from anxiety then introduce the floral notes with Lavender Woods 3-wick candle, One In A Million wallflowers fragrance refill, Rose Eau de perfume, Cherry Blossom fine fragrance mist and Fiji White Sands gentle foaming hand soap.

4. Woodsy

A woodsy scent is characterized by earthy tones which give you a feeling like you were standing in a forest and inhaling all the smells found there, i.e. the trees, moss, the dried leaves, and the earth. The popular fragrances include notes of sandalwood, rosewood, cedarwood among others. Usually, due to the strong and rich textures, mostly these fragrances are good for when you want to give those same vibes and are good for parties and going out. You can envelope yourself and your home with In the Stars diamond shimmer mist, Bourbon Cologne, Twilight Woods fine fragrance mist, Mahogany Coconut concentrated room spray, Lavender and Cedarwood single-wick candle.

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